First impressions count, learn how to introduce yourself well.

So you’ve made it – you’ve been invited to a meeting with hotshots who want to know who you are and what you do – why are you there??? Meeting new people can be daunting, and learning how to introduce yourself can be difficult. You don’t want to misrepresent yourself – but you also need to position yourself well so people will be interested in you. Here are my thoughts on the subject.

It can be hard to construct your personal elevator pitch when you aren’t comfortable talking about yourself, particularly your background and circumstances aren’t considered “normal”. Ultimately though, if people don’t know why you are there, they will lose interest, and you won’t get a voice – which is exactly the opposite of what you are probably trying to achieve. 

I’ve thought long hard about how I should Introduce myself. As a young mother with two children, I’ve been singled out, faced ridicule and had my voice silenced based on the presumption that I’m uneducated and have no work ethic. These past experiences are exactly why most of the time I choose not to share my circumstances with new people. I  fear being stero-typed and rejected before I have had a chance to participate in the conversation. Yet, my personal experiences are precisely the reason I want to be part of the conversation. I want to create a platform for people to identify their problems and be proactive about possible solutions. 

So here it is, my personal introduction:

“Hi My name is Ayla. 12 months ago I participated in a corporate innovation hub. The exposure to a rapidly growing industry changed my perspective on what my power and influence was to address the core problems affecting my peers. Now, I’m on a mission to create an outspoken community of individuals in my region, Logan & Redland City councils building businesses that change the world.”

Ayla Soutar