How I gained confidence

Because my first experience at networking left me as a nervous wreck, I wanted to become confident in selling myself to professionals. Selling the idea that I'm a qualified and creative individual who could bring value to a workplace. This was part of my master plan to make myself highly employable and never have to worry about not getting a job which is important when you have a family to feed!

So I joined Women in Digital, an online community that meets every fortnight and combines networking with knowledge sharing. Bonus! Not only would I be able to hone my skills, I would also get to access on topic in progress knowledge as it happens. Brilliant. The women I met there had vastly different skill sets and understanding of what digital meant, or could mean. It felt as though I was seeing things from a different lens.

I wanted to share this vision with others so started regularly attending events and volunteering my time to help with digital production on their site. If at worse, I reminded people what it was like to be a bright eyed young person with a positive outlook on the world. At best I found my key differentiator, multi-disciplinary background with a reason to succeed. Confidence I now believe is finding your quirk and owning it without regrets.