Fintech startup weekend

The fintech startup weekend was really exciting. My favourite experience was being in a room full of enthusiastic people who had heaps of ideas and generally wanted to get shit done. I pitched 3 ideas: Slice (fractional property ownership), Pie (platform that collects trustworthiness scores) and Pip (Pay it forward, a pocket money app for kids that uses the interest earned to support societal issues thereby collecting preferential data).

Slice received the highest number of votes, but only had 3 people willing to work on it. This just scraped us in as you need at 4 to qualify as a team. I think this is evidence of the fact that housing affordability is one hell of a problem. It's a problem that is also situated right in the middle of legislative minefield.

It was amazing to meet Steve Baxter and get feedback on the idea, as well as encouragement on how significant the impact could be. It wasn't so amazing when 2 of the 3 people who joined my team bailed...

This was difficult for me as I wanted to believe that people are good and trustworthy, but it really just proved that without amazing relationship-building-talent, you can't count on anyone...

My failure at the Fintech Startup weekend is that I didn't give enough. I didn't share my knowledge as much as I could have. Maybe if I had, the team would have been more productive. Alas the weekend ended and I was exhausted when I went back to work on Monday!

Ayla Soutar