Back to the beginning

Some people might say that I was born to be an entrepreneur - that it is something that I am naturally inclined to and intelligent enough to deliver on.

Truth be told though, I often thought of it as a fairy tale. An unrealistic goal that a teen mum from Logan could never hope to achieve. In the beginning,  I couldn't possibly think of the things I would learn over the next 12 months.

It began when I was accepted into the inaugural Innovation Hub at RACQ. I was the youngest on the team, the lowest paid and had the least experience. We were asked to explore ideas that RACQ could take into the future as a new revenue generator, that delivered value to our member. Over this 3 month period I learnt:

  • how to think disruptively. How to break the inertia most of us live in day to day.
  • why Validation is critical in the early stages to ensure you don't waste time and money on something that no-one wants. Often times you will find that what you think people want and what people actually want are two different things.

The biggest and most important thing I learnt was that even though we live in a technical, digital age where knowledge is widely accessible, majority of people don't feel the need to indulge themselves. Understanding how the majority of people live, and what level of technical ability they have is critical to the success  of products and a team.

At the end of 3 months I had worked across 4 ideas with about 10 others all of which had various role. The finale of the hub was an opportunity to pitch to a group of senior executives at RACQ.

I pitched two ideas. The first was a ride sharing app aimed at young adults that provided a platform to build trust keep them safe as they explore their world. The second was applying what we know about behavioural learning theory to educate and engage primary school children about various societal issues, primary road safety.

The experience was long and tedious. I was glad to get back to my normal job and feel the comfort of certainty and control.

After a month I could feel the tug of adventure and decided to start exploring the innovation & startup sector in Brisbane. This blog follows my journey. The experiences I've collected, what I've learn't and how they have crafted my direction.